Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So What Wednesdays

* So what if I've skipped my healthy snacks I've brought to work and eaten 2 cookies and 2 donuts instead. I'm pregnant so don't judge me. I'm going to the gym on my lunch

* So what if my eyebrows need a serious wax job and my roots are showing like a mo fo - I have an appointment on the 29th to get all pampered up once last time before Troy Maximus comes

*So what if I do squats when I'm in the shower - it's a lot more relaxing than doing them in the living room, and if I get sweaty, I never notice.

*So what if I look like I've gained 10lbs over the weekend (according to a woman in my office who is VERY heavy seat mind you). My child is growing and I haven't gained much weight (according to the OB - the mirror tells a different story).

*So what if I'm exhausted by the end of the day, but refuse to sit down. I have much to do before Troy gets here

*So what if I am starting to use the pregnancy card at work - I am tired and hurt and no I cannot bend over to tape up a box when you are totally capable of that task. I only have a few more weeks - I'm milking it!



Anonymous said...

I do squats in the shower too. I think it's a perfect what. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't sit down much during the end of my pregnancy either. I was miserable, but had to keep busy. There's definitely a lot to do.

Squats in the shower? Now that I did not do. Girl, you crazy.

Marian said...

Hey I would use that pregnancy card as much ad you not much longer that wont be the case anymore:)