Monday, December 13, 2010

Too tired to learn how to breathe

Good evening ladies! I am just now able to sit down and fit some you and I time in. This morning I was uber busy trying to get labels printed and my personal (and FREE!) Shutterfly Christmas cards and baby shower thank you cards stuffed and sealed before my boss came into work. Not only that, but it seemed that every time someone walked in, they wanted to stop and talk before making it back to their office. You can imagine my shifty eyes looking from the clock back to them trying to act interested, but really panicking over getting my personal life things in order. And all before 9 am when I knew my boss would be walking through the doors. I had one of those days where your supervisors must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed - everything and anything is wrong with everything everyone is doing. Get it? I am someone who gets out the door the time my shift ends. Not a minute later. I have never been the eager beaver over achiever and if I am given something last minute (say 10 minutes before I leave) and I know it HAS to be done before I leave? I get grouchy. So today, just happened to be one of those days where 10 things had to be done 10 minutes before I left, and each thing was a 10 minute task, blah! But enough complaining - I have 2.5 weeks till I'm on Maternity leave and I am home with the hubbs now, life is good.
So tonight Nick and I were SUPPOSED to go to Lamaze class #3, but....we are ditching like a high school kid and math class. Honestly? I am tired. My ankles are starting to swell if I don't put them up by the end of the day (lovely, right?), and I am so tired (late night to bed last night), so why not just stay in. The class is from 7-9pm, and I'd love to use an extra hour of sleep. We are supposed to be learning about different pain managements for the labor and delivery, but I'm already sold on an epidural, soooooooooooooooo I think I'll be okay. We are off the next 2 weeks for the holidays and pick back up the 1st week of January, which might be our last class depending on when Mr. Troy decides to grace us with his presence.
This weekend my mom and bunny boo and I headed out and got the last of the baby things I needed (think breast pump and nipple cream - sexy!). We got the car seat and stroller all set up in the car, I've returned everything I got double of, but 1 thing from my shower, and I'm currently washing his clothes, sheets, blankets, and burp cloths. I have 3 more loads to do, and then we can set up his crib with his crib set and hang up all his clothes, woot woot! I cannot wait till his nursery is officially organized and ready. If he came today, sure, we'd be ready, but things wouldn't be tidy and put away. I've also started packing my hospital stay bag since we're getting down to the nitty gritty.
I have my 1st ever pelvic exam appointment this week, which Im actually excited for cause this will let me know what kinda progress we're making. From here on out, I see my doctor every week for a pelvic exam, and for the 1st time in my womanhood adult life, I am not dreading it, ha ha! Although, I will let you all non pregger/non mom's in on a little fact - I have to get a strep b test done. Which means my OB will be taking a Q tip to my back door and then testing her sample, haha! THAT, I am dreading. How akward, right? But I guess in just a few weeks, I won't have a choice of being shy or not.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for the week ahead of us - next week is Christmas which also means Christmas PAID time off from work! Can I get an amen?!



Katie said...

yay baby time is almost here!! how exciting! stinks you had a bummer day at work, but that will be all over soon and youll have lots of baby time! your due right around the same time as my favorite cousin is due with her baby boy! Im soooo super excited!!!
get rest karli!!

Anonymous said...

Any shyness you have with your body now will soon be gone. Forever.

Shann said...

I'm totally guilty of doing personal things at work. Unfortunately, I can't blog at work, but I can read blogs!

Also, I totally subscribe to the "someone who gets out the door the time my shift ends. Not a minute later."

I work hard when I'm working, but I would really like to go home at the end of the work shift!