Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump Day Randoms

Wud up ladies? So yeaaaaa last night was eventful. Nothing super crazy, but most def the most eventful in Contractionland (real place, I swear. Google it). My stomach had been off and on tight all day. I met my mama for some ice cream and a little walk around some shops, and the tightness didn't really seem to bug me. More annoying than anything else. Then at around 7:30ish, I started getting some bad sharp pains in my pelvic region and my stomach was getting super tight. I thought for sure something was going on. I'm sure some dilation or effacing was going down, but I'm not brave enough (or drunk enough) to check myself like I've heard some other women do. Once Nick got home, they disappeared, because Nick is awesome like that and makes it all better, and we ate dinner. In the middle of dinner - MORE sharp pains. Cleaning up after dinner is when the actual contractions started. It felt like they were going for a minute and 30 seconds before letting up (Im lame and wasn't timing them at that moment), and I had to lean on the kitchen counter for a second or two. This happened the rest of the night, but once I was lounging on the couch, they weren't as strong. Oh but wait, there's more! I got queasy - another fabulous pregnancy side effect I've been so lucky to feel for the past few days. To save you all from a drawn out story, I went to bed shortly after all of this still feeling queasy and my stomach hurting. I couldn't get comfortable in the slightest and I was peeing every.hour. I pee probably 3 times a night on average, but this....oh no, this was something different. I swear I didn't drink that much water and Im convinced that my little man has a super soaker stored up there and shoots it off just to see how many times mommy will get up to go to the bathroom.

Can we discuss The Bachelor for a moment? What the HECK is up with "He's mine and just doesn't know it yet" Michelle?

This chick is seriously off her rocker and when she kept crashing everyone's date and standing in bushes to eve's drop, I was about to lose it. I mean, I think we've all learned from Snooki, that unless your just kickin it, or pee'ing, you shouldn't be in bushes

Oh and let's discuss little Ms. Emily. I LOVE the girls comparison to her and Mother Teresa. I for sure thought I wouldn't like her because she's sooooo unbelievably gorgeous (women - we are such haters haha), but she is SO nice and sweet like Mother Teresa, you can't hate her. Plus she's blonde, and I just cannot hate a fellow blondie. But seeersly, I want to die and come back looking like her.

I heard from a fellow co-worker that she heard that Emily is a finalist? When she told the other girls her story about what happened to her fiance, I about lost it. Since becoming pregnant, I swear my paranoia of something happening to Nick has shot through the roof! I don't know what it is, but I will come up with crazy stories that he isn't okay if he is late coming home from work (Hello Karli, I-5 during rush hour is no joke, take a chill pill!), or if he is running errands without me and he's gone for a longer time than I think he should be (which never happens, the man HATES shopping). Anyways, when I heard Emily's story, I bawled like a baby.

'Nother random bit - Nick and I watched 'Grown Ups' the other night and it was pretty funny. I'd recommend it if you like Adam Sandler movies. It's a light hearted feel good movie. Some of the scenes I yelled "OH MY GAAAWD!". For those of you who have seen it (and w/out giving too much away), I think you know what I'm talking about - hint hint: breastfeeding.

Today, I've worked a bit from home with the travel arrangements and also went and met Bestie Jenni (dropping the Bon Bon when referring to her), for some make up retail therapy at Ulta and some lunch. I got an eyelash curler because my eyelashes didn't get the memo that you aren't supposed to grow straight out, some NYX eyeshadow in Aloha shade,

and this bad boy - concealer.

I was in the market for a new concealer because this blogger needs an even skin tone ASAP. Since I can't just go get a bajilion microderm abrasion sessions, I needed somethin to cover it up and make my skin look more even. Jenni recommended I try her concealer that she loves by Exuviance CoverBlend Concealer.

Let's hope it does the trick. I have red marks for old acne all around my jaw area, blah! After Troy is born, I need to switch to a different face wash too. I am only 24, but I know I need to start thinking about a good cleanser, or at least a gentler one. Any recommendations girlies? Since being pregnant, I've broken out, cleared up, broken out again, so I'm looking for something that's gentle, but also keeps my skin looking even and tight.



Alicia Closner said...

Oh girl! Michelle is Cray Cray! I called it the first night! Seriously she is psycho!!!!! I am rooting for Emily or that other little southern belle thats lives in NY! :)

erin said...

I hope Troy decides to come soon, for your sake!