Thursday, January 6, 2011


It is almost the end of the 1st week of maternity leave, whewy! This week has been very busy, and have a feeling next week will be a lot less out and about, and more in doors.

Last night I was able to sleep for 8.5 glorious hours! I could have slept longer, but Nick was going to work and since I sleep like crap without him (inserts "awwwww's" here), I was up and to the laptop to check in with my work emails. I grabbed my coffee and sat in my office (couch, blankie, decaf coffee) and away I went. I worked for about an hour, had some bfast, went for a nice brisk walk (it was FREEZING and damp this morning), then came back to get ready for my doctor appointment.

My doctor appointment was so disappointing -! I have made ZERO progress since last week. What the heck Troy?! You give your mama contractions and pelvic pressure so I can hear "No progress"? Well that's okay, you just come on out when your ready, but come next week, the OB and I will be scheduling your eviction date. According to my measurements, my fundamental height measurement has gone up 1cm, so it's now 37, so he must either be getting longer or he's just stretching out in there. It makes total sense because I can feel it in my ribs. He is still head down and in the right position, so in my opinion, let's get this show on the road! My OB assured me he will for sure be here by 41 weeks, it's just a matter if he comes out before then, or if we get him out. The kicker of it is, I could get him out sooner if I wanted by my doctor stripping the membranes, but since the cervix is closed, it was a no go.

Today, I'm feeling eh. When I sleep, my hips get sore and numb, so I flip like a fish every hour or so, and then when I went on my walk, my hips were getting charlie horses, blah! This is the stretch of pregnancy where things just hurt I'm guessing. Also probably the stretch where ribs get broken, ha ha! Kidding....sorta.

Change of plans with my photo shoot as well - it's overcast and damp here in Sacramento and it's freezing, so this diva is waiting till next week and for a sunnier day. With no progress and my cervix still closed, we have some time. The good news in all of this is I still have more time to eat what I want, mua haha!



Sabrina said...

Maybe Troy knows its cold and damp so he is keeping warm in your belly!! Enjoy eating what you want, he will be here before you know it!!

Anonymous said...

Aw. I know I didn't like to hear it, but I'm passing it along anyway...dilation and effacement could have changed by the time you left that place. It happens fast, so don't be discouraged! I definitely know how annoying it is to hear NOTHING has changed, though, so I get that.

And from what I heard about stripping hurts RIDICULOUSLY if you're anything under 2 cm, be thankful! When is your next appointment?

Anonymous said...

Just know your oven cooks a little slow.... it's a family tradition! And besides, YOU were 2 wks late and came on the w/e before they were going to do the induction routine :-) Payback... xoxoxo

erin said...

That IS a bummer! Hang in there! I cannot WAIT until I can sleep on my stomach again because my hips do the same thing you described! Blah! But of course it's all worth it for the little bundles of joy, right? :)

Amy Mcmillan said...

I love your blog!
I am now following, hope you can do the same :)

Anonymous said...

I was 9 days early with one and 8 days early with the other. Both times I went to the doctor before and nothing was happening. Hang in there. It won't be long.