Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is just Cruel!

I am pretty sure I see 2 stretch marks on my belly. It's under the actual bump and their right on the dark veins that are peaking through. I thought I was imagining things at first, but I squished the skin together and I could see the shiny little lines, BLAH!!! Nick thinks I'm seeing things, but I am.NOT! I wish I was imagining it. They aren't that big, but we'll see how they turn out once Troy is out and I get a tan and my stomach firms back up. Grrr, this is just a cruel joke. I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant people, why now?! Troy is more than welcome to come out NOW so I can stop this madness before it gets worse! I'm still drinking tons of water and lubing up with the EVOO. So frustrating...moving on!

So last night I couldn't sleep with poo. We were in bed by 8:00 since Nick is working OT this week (And he needs his beauty sleep lol), so we called it an early night. I didn't fall asleep until 10:30 and even then, I was only cat napping - waking up every 30-45 minutes, couldn't get comfortable, was too hot, was thirsty, had to pee, you name it. Surprisingly I am wide awake, not tired in the slightest. Hopefully this not tired on minimal or no sleep sticks around. It'll make all those midnight feedings much more enjoyable. Speaking of enjoyable midnight feedings - thank GOD for all these amazing shows starting back up with new seasons. I can just park my booty on the couch when he's a crank pot and just wants some boob. We got: Biggest Loser (you all know how I'm obsessed and this season looks GREAT, way better than last!), Teen Mom 2 (You all know how it's my guilty pleasure haha), Bad Girls Club (don't judge me!), The Bachelor, and I know I'm forgetting some other ones. Any shows you all are excited about?

Okay check out the adorable/hilarious onesie my bunny boo and sister got me, scratch that, for Troy. LOVE IT!!!!



Tales of a young mamma said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news- but I didn't have any stretch marks for the entire 42 weeks of pregnancy (little man was two freakin weeks late) and it wasn't until a week or two later that they showed up- on my tatas, inner thighs and botaay.

Lee, Bren & Hai said...

Oooh- I had that onesie for my lil man and we got sooo many great comments about it when he wore it!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Aw. I have a line going vertically NORTH of my belly button...but it's darker, and I asked Jarrod, "Is that a stretch mark!?" I really don't think it is, but it's not my imagination, and I'm not sure what else it would be? The linea nigra? I thought that was only below the belly button...who knows. Either way...not much longer, girl! Not sure if you saw my post...my little guy is coming a week early!

Heidi said...

I think you must be getting really close. That restlessness is often a strong precursor, coupled with the grown up contractions you had the day before ... I'd say your little man will be making an appearance soon.

Hate to 2nd the above commenter, but alot of my stretchmarks didn't show up until after I gave birth. I had alot show up pretty bad while pregnant, but there was more afterwards.

Sarah said...

I didnt notice any SM until after I delivered and then my squishy tummy had one right below my belly button so I started the day after breaking open vit e and putting it on there and now it has faded to the same color as my skin... my tata's on the other hand.. different story...they didnt do so well... Breast feeding, engorgement, breast infection.. and now they are not soo great... thank god for plastic surgery.

regarding sleep I hate to tell you but it wont get better... I actually slept better the first week my baby was born then the last week I was still preggo.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

call me crazy but i'd love to catch an episode of paula abdul's dance show!!! haha funny since i have 2 left feet!

lovin the boobies onesie!

Anonymous said...

I didn't a single stretch mark during pregnancy...although since I didn't bake him as long it's totally possible I would have gotten some at the end...but I DID get some underneath my boobs within the last week. Both of them. More than one. Hideous!! I FUH-REAKED when I saw them the other day. I'm sure it was hilarious (and freaky) for my husband as I'm lifting my boobs crying "Are these stretch marks?!" Yah. :/ All for the health of my baby, right? At least it's underneath.

Love the onesie, by the way. :)