Monday, January 10, 2011

Maternity Picture Monday

Happy Monday evening beautiful ladies! I am hoping you all had a fabulous weekend! After reading everyone's blogs it sounds like you had what I had - a FREEZING weekend that consisted of staying inside all warm and toasty.

Sadly, no action from Troy this weekend, so here I am on the couch with my box of Nerds in front of the cozy fire. I am not complaining whatsoever, but it has been so nippy here in Sacramento. Today was about 38 at my house (according to my phone) and there was some wind making it seem so much colder! You know what there wasn't? There wasn't any fog, woo hoo! There was some crazy fog in our who area of California that seemed to stick around for the past week! Which was the reason I canceled my maternity photo session last week, so we rescheduled for today.

I am dying to see how they turned out, I have only seen 1 shot, but we took about 20 different poses with 3 different outfits. I am having a "Look at those thunder thighs!" sorta day, so I begged and pleaded my lovely photographer to do some photo shop magic, let's just see if it happens. It's also going to be lovely if she can even out my complexion, hmmmm......... Anyways, she said I'd have the prints in about a week. Then it'll be Troy's turn for his pictures, I am BEYOND excited! I talked to her (the photographer) and she said that she has already bought 2-3 different beanies and hats and a couple different blanket. One of the hats happen to be a newsboy hat - Hold the phone...I am already sold! I love little newsboy hats on little boys/babies. It's going to be adorable. I'll have my maternity pics up as soon as I get them since I know you are all dying to know!

This week consists of:

Tuesday: Wake up, check my work emails & have some coffee, bundle up and jog/walk around the apartment complex twice to wake Troy up, get as decent looking as possible and meet my mom and sister for lunch and a movie (Country Strong), and then it'll be back home to check more work emails and answer those. All while I'm parked on the couch with a blankie and hot coco.
Wednesday: Jog/walk in the morning, coffee, work from home
Thursday: jog/walk in the morning, coffee & a shower, Doctor appointment at 11:30 to discuss induction (EEK!), back home for work broo haha
Friday: Troy's DUE DATE!!! Twiddle my thumbs and wait while checking work emails.



A Real Housewife said...

it has been super frigid and ugly here. we actually had a little bit of snow yesterday. ugh i hate winter.

can't wait to see your photos!

Marian said...

Can't wait to see the maternity pics!!!

Anonymous said...

What? No last belly shot? You've got to sneak a last picture in before you pop that lil' guy out.