Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hungry Hungry Hippo

The title says it all - I am hungry. This morning I ate: 6 scrambled egg whites w/spinach and hot sauce, 1 small Fiber One pancake with pb&j, 2 coffee cups of life cereal, 3 clementines and 1 dark chocolate Dove square. I've been up since about 6:15am so that's when all this crazy cravings started. It's now 1:23pm and I'm already thinking "hmmmmm.....what can I eat for lunch?" Whatever it is, it needs to be healthy, so I'm thinking a big ass salad with a Boca chicken patty and some cottage cheese. I'm thinking Troy man is having a last big growth spurt and that is why his mama is even thinking the coffee table is looking like a pretty good snack.

Date night with my studdly hubbs was great last night. I cannot wait to have a margarita again. Nick of course got a couple and I was drooling the entire time. I think at one point I even smelled it? I swear I don't have a problem. This morning is a lazy Saturday and I'm feeling more pains today, woo hoo! My lower stomach area has been cramping a lot and I'm pretty much just taking it easy. Since football is on today, it's a lazy day of relaxing. I may run out to the grocery store later, but it'll take some mayja' convincing since it's about 37 degrees outside, brrrrrr. No sunshine whatsoever. Maybe it can wait till Monday, hmmmmmmmm....



Katie said...

I'm so excited for you!! Sooo close :D

I don't want to make you envious or anything :P, but I'm drinking SkinnyGirl Margarita tonight, Great drink for when you are able to consume again :)